2020 MLL Fall Ball

UpdatedWednesday September 16, 2020 byJay Recinito.

Registration is now open for Fall Baseball!

 You can register on the MLL website at

Registration will close on Sept. 11 at midnight. Our plan at this time is for each team to have one practice and one game per week. Here are the tentative scheduling plans.



  • 12/11 - Monday or Tuesday @ Monk/Conant
  • 10/9 - Wednesday or Thursday @ Monk/Conant
  • 8/7 - Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday @ Lincoln
  • 6/5/4 - Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday @ Foss



  • 12/11 - Sunday morning @ Monk/Conant
  • 10/9 - Sunday morning @ Monk/Conant
  • 8/7 - Sunday morning @ Lincoln
  • 6/5/4 - Sunday morning @ Foss

The fee will be $50 for the fall season. We are going to have a limited number of registration spots available, so if you are interested, please don't hesitate. Also, we are still looking for more volunteers to help with the teams as we put them together. If you have interest, please also fill out the volunteer registration as well.

MLL Batting Practice Drills and Approach (1).docx
MLL Practice Plan #1 Beginner Infield.docx
MLL Practice Plan #2 Intermediate Infield (1).docx
MLL Practice Plan #3 Advanced Infield.docx
MLL Pregame Routine Basic Infield Warmup.docx